The Who

Ted Sabarese brings a unique skill set to this complicated, yet uber-critical, world of social media. Successful managing blogger. Advertising creative director. Professional commercial photographer. He’s a triple threat who will create, optimize and manage your next big social idea. Get to know Ted a little better (without having to date him).

The What

Branded Passion™ is a massive leap beyond traditional social media marketing. It's original content creation that people organically want to read, view, touch and share. It’s an idea bigger than your brand. Non-corporate. With street cred that arouses an audience you didn’t even know you could reach. Get the full scoop.

The How

Ted will first spend time with your brand. Get to know it’s voice, its strengths and weaknesses. Then he’ll develop unconventional, audience expanding ideas that work within your current social media strategy (if you don’t have one, he’ll fix that first). Then it’s masterful execution time. Follow the entire process here.