My career trajectory from advertising copywriter and Creative Director, to professional photographer, to Director of Experiential Marketing has uniquely prepared me to build smart brands more quickly.

  • Strategy development based on brand business objectives
  • Creative development / direction
  • Complete execution / production
  • Implementation / conversion

I create brand evangelists through incredible consumer experiences – coupled with engaging digital content – that bring authentic value. 



I build brands more quickly than traditional advertising


I elevate the consumer experience


I create brand advocates


I garner industry recognition


Chobani Hungry Bear Loose in NYC
Amplified our new “How Matters” campaign launch and Super Bowl spot by bringing our “discerning bear” to life in the streets of NYC. Over 3.6MM organic views. Click to see a full case study + results.

Chobani Olympic exercise experience
Amplified Olympic sponsorship and ad campaign by showing (not telling) consumers that Chobani “naturally powers Team USA. The participants literally 100% powered the event themselves, generating all the electricity. Click to see a full case study + results.

Fruits and their Mating Games
Part of a millennial targeted WTFlavor campaign designed to provoke with an “unexpected flavor experience.” Animation by Psyop.

Survival of the Fruits
The second film in the WTFlavor series sparking even more flavor wonder. Animation by Psyop.

Chobani Cup Truck experience
Around Thanksgiving time, we rewarded some of our biggest fans for their loyalty and support. We sent special trucks criss-crossing the country to their homes, offices and schools for yogurt parties. At any point, consumers could also tweet to individual trucks with stop location recommendations.

Chobani “Classified” Cup
When launching new flavors, Chobani typically sent key influencers samples prior to public availability. To increase engagement, sharing and brand love, we instead created “classified” cups sent straight from our R&D department. Flavors weren’t identified. Label text was redacted. A tongue-in-cheek disclaimer accompanied the shipment. Recipients were asked to guess the flavors using the hashtag #WTFlavor and were directed to an integrated digital component on the company website.  The program dramatically outperformed all previous with 90% of influencers engaging across social platforms.

April Fool’s Day campaign
Serendipitously, Easter and April Fool’s fell on the same day in 2013. We designed an integrated campaign to first seed a new product announcement, then reveal the far-from-appetizing Easter Egg flavor and finally let consumers in on the joke. The Twittersphere buzzed with guesses and reactions at every step of the way.